Program Costs: Summer

The program fees for the UGA en France summer program are $5800. Note that this is the first price increase since 2006!! Click here for a listing of what is covered by the $5800 program fees


Program Costs: Fall

The program fees for the UGA en France fall program are tentatively set at $8750. Note that this is a semester-long program and that the number of participants is likely to be smaller than during the summer, hence the higher price tag. However, if you look at the following comparison, you’ll see that studying abroad for a semester is, in the long run, less expensive than a semester on campus for non-resident students!! And for those who are in-state students, the additional costs of the fall are comparable to that of the summer program! Click here to see a listing of what is covered by the $8700 in program fees



Financial aid and several scholarships are available. You should check with the Office of Financial Aid concerning HOPE and any other aid for which you are eligible. Be sure to fill in your FAFSA! Check with OIE for general scholarships for students studying abroad. Visit the Romance Languages web page for information and deadlines for scholarships awarded by the department. And visit the Franklin College web page for funds awarded by the college to students studying abroad. Some of these awards are based largely on merit, others on need. Finally, SPFFA (Société des Professeurs Français et Francophones d'Amérique) is offering $1500 scholarships for students who want to study in France. See the SPFFA website or email them ( for details on applying.